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The Calcium and Bone Health Institute of Canada (CBHI Canada) is a scientific research-based corporation that was founded in 2001. The majority of our research is focused on the role of calcium in our bodies, and through this research, we have invented a new form of calcium, called Sigma AntiBonding Molecule Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). It is used as a physiologically active plasma ionic calcium in our bodies which enhances the calcium homeostasis and also, influx and efflux of intracellular calcium ion which as a result maintains our bodies in their optimal status. Moreover, as the appropriate influx and efflux of calcium ion modify mitochondrial function, it also improves protein synthesis which can be the key to treating chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer.

SAC is the world’s first calcium-ion-delivery-system which safely and effectively achieves the threshold level of calcium-ion concentration in our blood to initiate a cascade of hormonal responses that awaken our body’s amazing healing mechanisms!

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