Common Questions About Nutritional Microscopy

September 9, 2013


Who Can Perform This Service?

The routine is usually performed by a certified microscopist, who has been trained to visually recognize blood terrain conditions. The background of microscopists can range from a trained microscopist, to a medical doctor. Be sure to ask lots questions of the health professional to ensure you are getting the service you are looking for.

Is this a Medical Blood Test?

From a medical standpoint, Nutritional Microscopy is not recognized as a diagnostic blood test. Think of it as a research and educational tool that will give you a visual and kinaesthetic confirmation that any changes you make in nutrition, water intake, stress and lifestyle choices will show up in your blood.

How Does it Differ from Regular Medical Blood Tests?

Normally, when a doctor tests your blood, it involves isolating compounds within the blood serum into various components to analyze them. Blood integrity is therefore destroyed and does not allow one to see the live blood cells interacting with everything around the cells. Viewing live human blood under a microscope can be significant in terms of patient education and compliance and may, in time, prove to be a useful clinical diagnostic tool.

Are Diseases in the Blood Seen?

In theory and in practice, the answer is “no.” However, you can still learn a lot of information from a perspective that compliments ordinary blood testing. Nutritional Microscopy opens the patient to a holistic viewpoint which is often omitted in conventional medicine. This relates especially to Bioterrain Testing and it very specifically relates to hydration, toxicity, congestion and stress.

What Are the 4 Basic Blood Types?

O, A, B, or AB Blood types in the US: 45% = O, 40% = A, 11% = B, 4% =AB

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