Lucas Story and About BEMER

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Learn how the BEMER works while Lucas shares with you his maladies! A fun informative cartoon designed to give an introduction to the fascinating BEMER technology! BEMER can improve restricted circulation in the smallest blood vessels and thus support the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes.

BEMER 5 Minute Introduction

by: Dr. Rainer Klopp

Shows how patented technology increases circulation in minutes. This causes an increase in oxygen and nutrition to cells, and the removal of waste. This is beneficial to all areas of health. Efficacy is validated by numerous clinical studies. 

How Can BEMER Theraphy Help You

by: Chitvan Malik / M.Ed, Holistic Health Educator

Discovering the "Main Artery" of health.

BEMER Product Presentation & Overview

by: George Gasich

This is a comprehensive product presentation of the BEMER Vascular Therapy Technology and the benefits of use on people, plants and animals.

What is BEMER and Why Buy One?

by: Belinda Foster / BEMER Senior Distributor & Trainer

BEMER Product introduction by Senior Distributor and trainer, Belinda Foster as well as a brief overview of the Distributor Opportunity. Contact the person who sent this to you, or if you've stumbled onto this video in your research, reach out directly to Belinda for more information

"BEMER, the Greatest Discovery Since the Genome"

Dr. Richard Couey, Cell Physiologist

This is an excerpt from a training session at a BEMER Academy in Dallas Texas! During his 50 minute talk Dr. Richard Couey gives 7 steps to make your cell function optimally. He states his opinion as to why BEMER Physical Therapy is the greatest discovery he has seen in his lifetime since the genome. He was a cell physiology researcher at Baylor University for 38 years and has written over 30 books from his research!

BEMER Before and After

BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity.

BEMER In The World Of Diabetes

by: Dr. Dietmar Winzker

Bemer in the world of Diabetes......

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